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Caughey Solutions Ltd, based in East Lothian, offers first class professional services to suit a range of requirements. Whether you are a public body or registered charity you will benefiit from professional procurement expertise input to your purchasing activities, whether this be for a specific tender or for a more long-term service, Caughey Solutions can help. Also, whether you have applied for many or no public sector contracts you may benefit from the experience of Julie Caughey who has spent 15 years with East Lothian Council, firstly as a Finance Manager and then as the Corporate Procurement Manager. Julie offers a unique perspective, having recent inside experience of how tenders are constructed, of what clients are looking for and how tenders are evaluated. You may require a review of your final bid, or a more substantial service of writing your bid, submitting it and maybe also attending the debrief meeting. Our goal is to add value to your organisation and to seek your repeat business and referrals.

Need help with tenders?

Do you want to win public sector contracts? Are you at a loss where to start? Or, are you struggling to find time to focus on this? Maybe you need advice on how to prepare or approach a tender submission. Or, are you accustomed to tendering but would like an ex-Corporate Procurement Manager to review your bid before submission?



Need procurement expertise?

Is your procurement practice legal and in line with best practice? Are you confident your funds are being spent wisely? Need help writing a tender, or a category strategy? Got a peak in demand and need someone to hit the ground running? Need assistane with changing the culture in your organistion? Keen to implement Contract and Supplier Management but need help?



Need training?

Who carries out procurement in your organisation? Who are the "contract makers"? Are you confident they have the required knowledge and skills to do so? Who manages contracts? Are they getting the most from suppliers? Or, would your procurement team benefit from some tailored skills training?




What makes us different? Julie Caughey uses insight gained in her role as Corporate Procurement Manager for a local authority. This expertise and knowledge provides a 360 degree view and a competitive edge over others in the market. The solution will be completely tailored to your requirements to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the service. Find out more about our services here.

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